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CRC739INT Custodial Award in Christian Ministry and Theology


  • A stable Christian walk;

  • Be active in service within a Christian church;

  • A recommendation from a CRC pastor

  • Pay enrolment and course fees as due

  • An adequate understanding of the English/Swahili/French language sufficient to read your preferred version of the Bible and an ability to demonstrate strong knowledge of the Word of God.

Course Requirements:

There are no requirements for this course


  • One day (Study at home course

Course Structure:

To achieve the Certificate in Christian Ministry and Theology qualification, the learner must complete this course and achieve 100%.

Successful completion of this course will require learners to engage in unsupervised activities including:

  • self-paced study

  • research and reading theological sources and other material related to Government legislation

  • periods of devotion and prayer

The time required to undertake this activity will vary between students based on their experience. On average, the unsupervised activities listed above will equate to 1 day.

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